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Srinagar (Paradise on Earth)

The northern most state of the Indian mainland is rightly called "Paradise on Earth". The sparkling rivers, placid lakes, gorgeous gardens and indescribable beauty of nature in the state of Jammu and Kashmir leave you completely speechless. Home to the unparalleled virgin landscapes of Kashmir, Leh and Ladakh, a travel and tourism experience to this joyous state is an unmatchable experience that will leave you feeling cleansed and pure.
The City of Lakes, nestles in the heart of one of the loveliest areas of the country, the Kashmir Valley. Srinagar spreads out on the both sides of the river Jehlum. The Valley's beauty has enticed visitors from distant lands. Srinagar bears hallmark of the Mughals, splendid formal gardens laid out by the Mughal emperors for their enjoyment are beautifully maintained. Houseboats on the lake - the British solution to the law that prevented them from owning property, are an exciting alternative to the more traditional hotels.
Srinagar is also a take-off point for some of the Kashmir's hill stations and a base for a variety of activities that range from trekking and mountaineering to fishing, golf and skiing.

History of Srinagar

Kalhana , the author of the Rajtarangini states that Srinagar was founded by the Emperor Ashoka (3rd Century BC). The present city of Srinagar was founded by Pravarasena II and Hiuen Tsang who visited the capital in AD 631 found the city at the same site as it is today. Lalitaditya (AD 649-736) was the most illustrious ruler of the Hindu period, which ended in 1339. King Zain-ul-Abidin (1421-72) who was popularly known as Badshah was a great patron of Sanskrit. His was the period when the Kashmiri Persian literature occupied an almost exclusive place. The King was great lover of Arts and Crafts and even brought Artisans from Iran to introduce Carpet weaving, shawls and other exquisite handicrafts for which Kashmir is renowned all over the world.
Akbar captured the valley for the Mughals who endowed Srinagar with beautiful mosques and gardens. Srinagar with beautiful mosques and gardens. The Sikhs overthrew the last Muslim ruler in the reign of maharaja Ranjit Singh in 1819. In 1846 the Dogras secured the sovereignty of Kashmir from the British under the treaty of Amritsar, and in 1947 the State of Jammu and Kashmir became part of the Indian Union.

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